Background and History of the WET & WWT up to the present.

Water Wall Turbine Inc. (WWT) was formed in 2006 to develop and run a project to research, design, build and deploy a unique in-flow including tidal energy harvesting generation system for power and profit. After 5 years of testing scale models, the financing was confirmed to design and produce a 1 Megawatt full-scale turbine for a specific project on Canadian remote west coast to displace expensive diesel generation. As the project gained credibility, further financing was received to provide a proprietary microgrid management system with advanced energy storage for deployment at a remote private lodge on British Columbia's rugged west coast.
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WET Energy was formed as the operating company for this new technology, incorporating marketing and sales, project development, operations management and new project financing. Its proprietary microgrid management and advanced energy storage systems can be adapted to any remote or utility-based industrial systems.