WET Energy Microgrid Management System

WET Energy has developed its own proprietary microgrid management system for renewable energy projects. The system is designed to manage and control remote (off-utility) grids, integrating a variety of different renewable sources (ocean, river, solar, wind, bio-waste…).

Remote microgrid management has some particular challenges over on-grid microgrid systems. Often operating in remote locations, automatic on-site emergency backup is key; maintenance expertise and replacement part are usually hours or even days away. It should be deployed in a self-contained, ready to operate unit.

The WET Energy microgrid supplies ongoing consistent power matched to fluctuating load requirements while regulating and coordinating the frequencies from various devices including energy storage. Management of energy storage becomes an important feature. Secured online access for routine maintenance and monitoring is available.

Energy Microgrid

  • Ocean energy power plant
  • Battery energy storage system
  • Diesel generator sets
  • Controls center
  • Inverters
  • Voltage transformers

Energy Management System

  • Unit black start and priority
  • Load pickup ability
  • Load following capability
  • Frequency regulation
  • Communication scheme
  • Total operation control
  • Synchronizing process